When a trip is near look for Coleman camping gear

When it comes to camping gear, the name that comes first is Coleman. Since 1930, this American company has been dominating the global market with its extensive range of camping gears which have gone through innovations over the passage of time to suit the need of the day. Camping or picnic or a simple outing is all about fun and enjoyment and that cannot reach the peak without Coleman camping gear. For decades, Coleman camping gear items have been the best sellers at stores and the trend is still continuing. There are plenty of brands that have earned reputation for their high quality camping gear but nothing stands in comparison to products that bear the Coleman logo.

The main reason why Coleman is the undisputed leader in the market of camping gear is that it offers a complete range of equipment that people require for camping. Unlike other camping gear manufacturers Coleman doesn’t manufacture specific things but offers it all. Every single thing that you might feel necessary to carry on your camping trip is there is there in a Coleman showroom. Starting from tents of various sizes to recreational vehicles, Coleman has it all to offer you.


Coleman instant tent:

A tent is the basic prime requirement for camping trip or picnic and you get the best of it in a Coleman camping gear shop. You can buy an ordinary tent or opt for an instant tent with polls attached to the fabric. Coleman’s instant tents are among the best sellers in the world market today because setting them up is a matter of minutes. The cabin like structure makes moving inside the tent comfortable and a moderate height at the center makes standing easier. Made of heavy tent fabric which is twice in thickness than that of ordinary tent fabric, the Coleman instant tents are stronger. The tents are completely taped and so you need not to use a separate rain fly. The tents come with large windows that provide adequate ventilation. Coleman instant tents are available in different sizes and you can choose one according to the number of people you want to accommodate. You can buy a tent for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people. The larger are two roomed tents inside which you can place two queen size air beds.

Tent trailer:

Coleman tent trailers are just haven for the backpackers. Just toy it with your car and then carry it to the place where you want to camp. Unfold it and convert it into a home on wheels. High range Coleman tent trailers are equipped with all basic facilities like bathroom, outdoor shower, kitchen, stove, refrigerator, water pump, water heater, water storage tank, storage cabinets, beds equipped with high quality mattress, lights on the roof and even facility to connect satellite TV.

Other equipments that Coleman camping gear includes are:

Lantern or lamps which burn gasoline, naptha and kerosene

Camp stoves

Sleeping bags


Hot tubs



Canopy chair

Coleman camping gear is available under the banner of its sister brands:

Aero bed




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