Wenzel Tents: A Company Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Sail maker Hermann Wenzel began experimenting in treating and sewing of canvas from 1887. This beginning of innovation led to the birth of Wenzel products. Through continuous research Wenzel was able to enhance the serviceability of stockmen’s tarps and wagon covers. Since then Wenzel, The Camping Company has continually strived for product development, even using updated computer technologies. The company now has a fully equipped laboratory dedicated to research and development.

Wenzel Tents, among the leading brands in the U.S. and operating for several decades is also a manufacturer of camp chairs, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, outdoor lighting and other accessories. Of late Wenzel has added singular backpacks to its range of products.

Tents from Wenzel are manufactured in different sizes and shapes depending upon its purpose. They vary from large airy kind suitable for family outings to small multifunctional dome shaped varieties. Their innovative lightweight designs and adaptive mechanism make Wenzel tents among the most sought after in U.S. markets. These tents structured on alloy poles are durable and easy to fix. These tents are value for money products and readily available in retail outlets throughout the country. Wenzel also sells its products online.

Wenzel creations are well conceived and match the outdoors perfectly. Families and friends insist on Wenzel products while going on picnics and excursions amidst natural surroundings. Spending time in the outdoors or wilderness does not necessarily mean discomfort and inconvenience. Leaking tents or uncomfortable sleeping bags are not desirable at all on an outdoor escapade. Wenzel products are so designed that they ensure total comfort in your outdoor adventures.

With its mission of helping more families experience the outdoors, Wenzel does a thorough survey on the demands of customers before designing a new product. This survey is done speaking to different families instead of a theoretical approach. A pragmatic approach in market surveys helps in manufacturing products that are actually beneficial.

Wenzel Tent’s brochure claims that their tents are easy to erect, pack and store each time and every time a family goes on an outing. Their sleeping bags are roomy and warm; when not in use they could be folded and fit in tight spaces. Their camp pads are thick enough to quash rough outdoor surfaces as in woods. Camping is a pleasure and with Wenzel items it becomes a blissful experience for one and all of a family.

Prompt customer service is a major advantage of buying Wenzel tents or its other products. They are always available through a toll-free hotline number. Wenzel to offer trouble free support for their products, maintain an inventory of spare parts and accessories sufficient to last seven years. Replacements are made within 48 hours of receiving complaints. Wenzel customers are always satisfied about their products and customer service.

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