Wenzel Sleeping Cots, Bags and Mattresses

To get some relief from the boring routine life, we often run away to the woods or the mountains. To enjoy the outdoor sports that you are so fond of you go for camping and trekking. Keeping these ideas in mind, Wenzel Company has manufactured various kinds of camping accessories that you need when you are out of your home. Along with the numerous kinds of tents Wenzel offers its customers innovative cots and sleeping bags appropriate for camping.

Details about Wenzel Sleeping Cots, Bags and Mattresses

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will need a something to sleep on and Wenzel supplies the perfect cots for a camping tour. There are a variety of cots and beds in innumerable designs and styles that will give you a good night’s sleep after a full day’s hectic tour. You will find the heavy duty beds that can be easily rolled away and also the military cots that have pillows which are sewn in to camouflage them. It is quite exciting to use such interesting cots from Wenzel.


Wenzel Ultimate Camp Cot

You can also buy the Wenzel bunk beds that save a lot of space. As it is the tents are quite spacious so that one can relax comfortably in the cots that come with foam mattress to offer you great comfort even while camping. The best part of the cots and beds from Wenzel is that they can be inflated to the size you desire. You can use the battery operated pumps to get the right height that you require to keep up from the ground.

Sleeping Bags from Wenzel:To give you even more comfort Wenzel has manufactured Sleeping Bags for the purpose. So if you have such sleeping aids with you there will be no end to your luxury even at the most toughest times. You can relax on these Wenzel Sleeping Bags out of your tent, gazing at the starry sky or lie down cozily on a chilly winter night. You will feel rested in all ways. A variety of designs are available for your sleeping needs. The most popular are the square shaped ones that are very mobile and the “mummy model”. These sleeping bags from Wenzel are not only stylish and luxurious, but they can be carried easily anywhere you go to spend a few days.Wenzel Air Mattress:The Wenzel Air Mattress is perhaps the ultimate camping aid that gives sheer comfort. Wenzel offers variety in this kind of beddings too. You will get to buy the twin beds which are slim and can be transported easily and also the queen size ones that are elevated and have pillows that are in-built. They are really amazing creations of the dedicated designers of Wenzel Company. These entire mattresses are accompanied with an air pump that is operated on battery. Hence setting up your bed is no problem and it hardly takes any time to do it.

Users of the various cots and beds manufactured by Wenzel have showed great satisfaction and have made the Company so famous for its camping products.

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