Wenzel Lantern

The famous Wenzel Company of the US came up in 1887 with innovative ideas and products for camping and trekking and al other outdoor activities. Besides offering wonderful camping tents, the company manufactures various other products and accessories for camping. The Wenzel Lanterns are one of them. They are really fantastic appliances for emergencies and camping.

Many people might prefer to use candles .But it is not all convenient to use candles during storms. The battery operated Wenzel Lanterns are the best choice in all circumstances.

Description of the Wenzel Lantern:

The bulb used in this lantern is of the fluorescent type and is U-shaped. A shiny metal piece is fixed at the bottom so that the light reflects in this as in a mirror and thus gives more light.

How to use it:

There are three modes of the lantern. On, off and stand-by modes that are placed on the top. The white circle indicates ON mode, the OFF switch is placed in the centre and marked with a white circle and a green color inside it while the stand-by option is denoted differently green lines running across the white circle.

The Wenzel Company provides a remote control also along with the lantern. It is a very handy plastic control of green color. There is a tiny red light on the remote control that indicates that the instrument has been switched on.  It can be activated when the lantern is in the stand-by mode. By pressing the button on the remote control while pointing to the red sensor on the top of the lantern, you can switch it on. If you press it the second time it is switched off.  The light of the lantern spreads as far as 22 yards. There is a key ring also that comes with the set that can be clipped on the handle’s side.

Wenzel-LanternsTaking care of the Lantern:

The Wenzel Lantern comes in a strong box. By keeping it inside the box you can keep it dust free. Changing the fluorescent bulb is not difficult at all.  By turning the cover on the top that has grooves in it, you can open it. Then you have to remove the metal, put the new bulb in place and cover it up again. The process is quite simple and easy.


The lantern gives quite a good light especially when it is hung up high with the bail handle. It is the appropriate lantern for camping purposes. It is not at all heavy and the remote control is really very useful.  Once you are in bed you do not wish to get up mostly during winters. Then the use of the remote control is very effective. Just a press on the button switches it on or off.  The Wenzel Lantern is water resistant also.  Use of the Wenzel Pressure Lanterns has become less in recent times. People do not feel so comfortable to use inflammable products while traveling. Hence the use of the Wenzel Lantern that is battery operated is much in demand.

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