Wenzel Klondike Tents

The well known company Wenzel made its debut in the US market in the year 1887. It‘s main aim was to experiment with the art of sewing and use canvas for various purposes. From that time onwards, Wenzel Company has offered numerous kinds of tents, lanterns, cots and various other types of utility products for outdoor camping and trekking.

About Wenzel Klondike Tents and Klondike:

The tents manufactured by Wenzel have become very popular in the US. It manufactures tents of many sizes and shapes. It is for you to choose the one that you need to serve your purpose. They are all ell ventilated and comfortable for camping. Among all the tents, we often hear of the Wenzel Klondike 16X11 feet tents that are very efficient for a family camping.

The main features of the Wenzel Klondike that make it so popular are its beautiful and attractive design, huge space inside the tent to accommodate eight persons easily and the affordable price. It is a dome type of a tent that has an attached screen room and a separate covered area that can be used as another sleeping room or a sun room. The material used to manufacture this kind of tents is a special type of polyester that is weather repellent and has a coating of polyurethane.


Kodiak Tent – 9 Person

Easy to set up:The Wenzel Klondike Tent can be easily set up within a few minutes. But you need to follow certain steps to put it up properly. First of all before raising up the tent you need to post the stakes at the corners. In the second step someone has to go inside the tent and push the sides outward while another person has to pull it up. Once you make it stand and that too within a few minutes without the help of many hands, you will very satisfied. As you enter the Klondike 16X11 tent you will find so much room to relax.Durability of the Wenzel Tents:Wenzel Klondike is the perfect kind of tent for all seasons. Even the strongest of winds and hail storms can do nothing to these tents. They are very sturdy and long-lasting. No one has ever complained about its strength of facing all odd weathers. The sides are extremely strong and the frame of the Klondike is made of fiberglass. Moreover, Power Corners are used to give that stability to the Wenzel Family Tentso that it can fight against the toughest of winds.

It is very efficient in the rainy weather also. When there is rain outside and too many people inside you feel suffocated. But the Wenzel Klondike 16X11 has an extra ventilation system that provides sufficient air into the tent through the vent situated at the back of the tent. There have been no reports of leakages till date in the worst of rainy seasons.

In summer, the mesh ceiling and the large windows allow air to move freely so that there if freshness inside the tent.

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