Wenzel Cookware for Outdoors and Camping

Wenzel cookware is among the leading brands to equip your kitchen. This company also specializes in outdoor cookware. Wenzel cast iron cookware is popular among homemakers and chefs across countries. These are long lasting and are excellent value for money products. Cookware of Wenzel consists of various items each of which is thoughtfully crafted.

Wenzel cast iron cookware set has implements to deck up your kitchen. This set includes a Dutch oven with carry bag, one 11.75 inches skillet, one 20 inches griddle with carry bag, left pour and right spouts with carry bags, trivet, lid lifter, and leather mitten. The set also includes a wooden case with handles for storing. This complete set with Wenzel Dutch oven weighs about one hundred pounds. Wenzel cast iron kitchen equipments are readily available in retail outlets and exclusive stores.

Wenzel specializes in outdoor kitchen items that are required on outings and excursions. Camping with Wenzel cookware is a facility that makes your escapades a pleasure. Wenzel camp grill is chromium plated steel structure with folding legs. It is a marvellous creation for outdoor parties and camping excursions. In the outdoors grilled foods carry a definite charm. Setting up a grill is never easy as it needs fire resistant materials. Wenzel camp grill solves this problem as it is collapsible and could be carried inside a PVC bag. This is among the most saleable items of Wenzel.

Wenzel camp coffee pot is another attractive product for picnics and outdoor sojourns. Being made from aluminium these are lightweight and easy to carry. It has a thick gauge making it robust and durable. An easy to pour spout prevents spillage of your favourite hot drink. The coffee pot is provided with a wire handle that allows it to be hung over fires and carry it around. A percolator basket of aluminium is provided with this Wenzel coffee pot.

Deluxe propane stove is among the most widely sold Wenzel cookware items. This stove has tow burners allowing you to cook two dishes simultaneously, thereby saving considerable time. This elegant looking stove also helps in increasing the aesthetics of your kitchen. Built to last, this propane stove also is easy to operate.

Wenzel as a company specializes in manufacturing camping items. In addition to kitchen equipments this company also manufactures tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and floor pads. It is a one window solution to all your excursion and camping needs. Their enterprise has helped Wenzel to establish themselves not only as manufacturers of tents and camping products, but also quality cast iron cookware for interiors.

This mix and match of products has helped Wenzel to be regarded as a premier manufacturer and seller of cast iron cookware both for indoors and outdoors. Years of experience and superior manufacturing processes have lead to the phenomenal growth in demand for Wenzel’s products.

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