Party under the sky with Coleman canopy

Coleman is among the leading names, in terms of camping gears are concerned. All kinds of items that people need on a camping trip are manufactured by this American company. One of the prime things that people require while camping is a shelter. You can use an instant tent for that or opt for a Coleman canopy. A Coleman canopy is the best thing for creating a quick shelter at anywhere. Certainly tents are better in terms of protection and safety but it takes more time to set up a tent even if it is an instant one. A canopy is structure with an overhead roof under which you can sleep or simply rest, if you do not feel like sleeping inside your car. One thing that a canopy cannot provide you is a floor but it might not be a big issue if you set it up over a clean and soft surface.

Coleman Canopy


A friend in need:

One your trip you might need to stop anywhere. Your journey could be hit suddenly by a heavy shower, a thunder storm or a road blockage. You might also need to create a shelter for yourself or some of your team members if he or she falls ill suddenly. If you are not carrying a tent with you, a canopy could be of great help. Set it up wherever you need, keep it as long as you want and then fold and wrap it inside the bag when the need is over.

Enjoy party under the sky:

Apart from using it in urgency you can enjoy great time under a Coleman canopy. You can set it up on the riverside or a beach or inside a dense forest and enjoy the great ambiance. You can cook food under it and have a great outdoor party with your friends. Not only at night, but you can also make use of it when the sun is on top. Set it up, enjoy the shade and watch the beauty of the ocean sitting on the beach.

Sizes and forms:

Coleman canopy is available in different sizes and forms. The two basic forms are walled canopy and canopy with just the roof. Made of high quality tent fabric and equipped with stands made of strong metal these canopies are steadier than ordinary canopies. You can make this temporary home even more complete by opting for high range canopies that come with screen walls, doors and PVC windows. 10”x10” and 12”x12” are the two common sizes that Coleman canopies are available. The smaller canopies can accommodate up to 4 persons and the bigger can accommodate up to 8 persons.

Names of some of the popular models of Coleman canopy are:

Lighted (LED) Instant Canopy

Instant Canopy BackHome

Instant Canopy with Screen Walls

Instant Canopy with Slant Leg

Wide-Base Instant Canopy

Instant Canopy with Straight Leg

4 Pole Sun Shade

2 Pole Sun Hybrid Shade

Instant RoadTrip Beach Shade

Road Trip Beach Shade

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