Parents Survival Guide For Camping With Kids

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Summer can be a fun time for any kid or family and camping with kids can make the summer that much more exciting.  Even though camping with kids can be challenging and a rough experience for those who are not familiar with the idea, here are is a strategy guide to help.

Make This Summer A Family Camping Summer

Parents Survival Guide For Camping With Kids

Texas Survival Mom Cindy says that camping is one of the most valuable experiences she and her husband can provide for their two sons.  It creates family unity and quality time, and everybody is expected to carry their own weight.  Her boys pack and carry their own water and supplies on hikes and do their share of the chores.  They’ve learned how to start fires safely, help with cooking over a camp stove, and carry water from streams to campsite.  They’re content to be without the electronic devices most kids think they can’t live without and have experienced for themselves how great it is to learn practical and important skills.

If you haven’t taken your family camping in a while, or maybe you’ve never camped as a family, this summer just do it! That’s a challenge from me, the Survival Mom!

Usually, it’s fairly easy to round up camping supplies from friends and family. Once you have the basic supplies covered, plan just a 1 or 2 night getaway, close to home. This will give you the chance to practice setting up the tent and campsite, learning which foods to pack that are easy to prepare, how to set up a safe campfire, and a lot more. Our family learned quickly what equipment is necessary and what becomes just one more thing that takes up space.

Each and every camping trip is a learning experience, so don’t worry if things don’t go well or if they’re an unmitigated disaster! I’ll never forget a family camping trip many years ago and my mom’s homemade Jell-o hair treatment. She covered her hair with a thick mixture that included cherry Jell-o and woke up from a nap, screaming, because hundreds of ants had discovered a new, yummy treat! Then, two years ago we went on a camping trip to Oak Creek Canyon and catastrophically underestimated the chilly nighttime temps

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So as you can see camping with kids for the first time does not have to be perfect.  It’s the bond and experience of trying something new and exciting that brings families closer.  It’s a process and takes a lot of work but in the end, once you’ve got it down, it will be and experience the kids and parents will enjoy for years to come.

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