Night is always well spent inside a Coleman instant tent

Why you need an instant tent:

Coleman instant tent is the thing without which a camping plan inside the forest or a picnic on the riverside cannot be complete. Instant tents have turned ordinary tents almost obsolete because people do not like wasting time in setting up tents. Instant tent is a better option because it can be set up within minutes. You need it because you never know when a sudden shower will start coming down from the sky or a thunder storm will start devastation forcing you to stop and look for a shelter. At such situations you cannot afford to take a long time for setting your tent and have to set it up really quick.

Coleman instant tent is the perfect outdoor camping gear for picnickers and campers. Unlike other brands, Coleman doesn’t compromise with quality and make sure that you get the best home outside home to stay in. It is the perfect example of an instant tent as the poles are pre-attached with to the fabric. You need to waste time for tying or buttoning the fabric with the poles.

Unfold, spread, extend & lock:

Setting up a Coleman instant tent is a matter of a few quick and simple steps- unfold it, spread it out, extend the poles, click and then lock them into the right place. Professionals take hardly a minute to set it up and if you are not a professional it might take a minute or two more. Same is the case when you wrap it up after your night stay. Just unlock the polls and fold the tent it wrap it up and then start moving on your way. It will save your valuable time as well as energy for the activities you have planned.

Heavier & stronger:

Made of heavy duty tent fabric, which is much thicker than normal tent fabrics, aColeman instant tent is heavier and stronger than a tent of any other brand. Coleman’s tents are designed especially for extended stay camping and their cabin like structure make staying far more comfortable than tents of other brands. When you set it up you get a spacious home with a moderate height at the centre that makes moving inside the tent easier. You get vertical walls that make walking easier for you. Ventilation is important when you stay inside an enclosed tent. Coleman’s tents come with several windows that that ensure enough ventilation for the campers.

Different sizes:

Coleman instant tent is available in a variety of sizes. You can buy a tent for four, six or eight according to the number of members in your team. All are two room tents and you will get adequate space to set two queen size air beds.

Have a quick look at all the basic features:

Cabin structure

6’5″ center height

1 front door and 1 back door

Vertical walls

360° views

Tent is fully taped and there is no need for separate rain fly

Interior gear pocket

Reverse angle windows

Easy instructions stitched on the carry bag

1 year warranty

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