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When you are extremely tired and sick of routine life, what do you feel like doing? Just run away to the snow-capped mountains or the dense jungles for some exciting adventures. And to give you protection from all situations along with comfort, the well known company Nemo offers you wonderful tentsNemo is the leading manufacturer of tents for outdoor adventure and related accessories.

Description of the Nemo Tent:

The tent is the creation of a mastermind in the shape of the classic pyramid. It is very light in weight but large and can be put up quite easily to create vertical walls. The idea behind this kind of construction is to make enough of space inside the tent for more persons at a time. Moreover you can sit up straight in the place you sleep and you will not feel crunched up also because of the walls of the tent. Actually the walls of the Nemo tent can be pushed out as they all have vents. By exposing the mesh vent fully, you can push the walls away from the inside portion of the tent. Thus you get a larger space for other uses like storing or keeping toys.

Along with a spacious area of triangular vestibule, the sleeping area has a rectangular shape. The optional mesh wall which is called a “wedge” helps to keep out bugs and other flying insects that might cause problems inside the tent and spoil all the fun of camping. There is a pole of the wedge that passes through on the floor which also has properties that wards off moisture as well as bugs. It is known asNemo’s Pole Port. 

Kinds of Nemo Tents:

There are various kinds of Nemo Tents that can accommodate different number of people. All of them have been especially manufactured keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the adventure loving people. To name a few of the kinds of tents that are in great demand among people are the Losi, Morpho, Meta, Nano, Gogo, Espri, Moto and many others.

The Losi 3-Person Nemo Tent has almost vertical walls and spacious arrangements for more than 2 persons.

The air-supported Morpho Nemo Tent consists of a system of inflatable tubes that have low pressure and is very light-weight. Light-weight mesh is used to make this kind of Morpho Nemo Tent and has new vents. There is a lot of space for sleeping and also storing.

The Gogo Nemo Tents too are wonderful creations that are air-supported. It has a front canopy that offers an airy internal space and for the summer’s seasonal air there is fine mesh. The vestibule protects it from the storms. To improve the ventilation system and increase inside space, at the end of the foot there is a patterning called the Swallow tail.

The Espri tents are noted for their toughness, functionality, interior volume, the best quality materials and hardware

So if you are planning for an adventure trip, do not forget to keep a Nemo Tent with you for safety and comfort.

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