Nemo Morpho Tents

Among the manufacturers of tents for outdoor adventure and trekking, Nemo has won the hearts of innumerable trekkers and adventure enthusiasts from the time of its inception in tent making. The company has dedicated designers who are very conscious about the needs of such people and hence we get unique tents like the Nemo Asahi, Meta and the best of all the Nemo Morpho tents.

How the Nemo Morpho tents are created:

The Morpho tent is the perfect choice for handling all kinds of weather and for traveling far and wide. You will never find another tent as the Morpho AR.  TheNemo Morpho 1P and the 2P tents are wonderfully created too with all possible comfort and security. The technology used for the Morpho tents is the Nemo Airbeam.

Morpho 1P inflates faster than the other tents and can be packed easily by a lone camper. But for a single user there is sufficient space and adequate ventilation. There is a panel fitted on the top that allows air to pass through the tent while it vents out the condensation from the inside of the tent.

The Morpho AR can face all terrible situations very easily. Whether there are snow storms or torrential rains or chilly winds or whatever the weather may be, Morpho ARhandles it all. There are no poles in this tent and the Airbeam technology is used to set it up within seconds. It is a perfect single-wall tent with enough space inside, proper ventilation and fitted with proper vents to get rid of moisture from the tent.

The Nemo Morpho 2P is equally well made with larger space to accommodate 2 persons, adequate air and security from tough weather


The specialty of the Morpho tents is the bomb proof materials that are used for the safety of the adventurers and trekkers. Moreover they are not at all heavy and can therefore be carried easily. You can set them up anywhere within seconds as you do not have to fix poles. They are all designed in the Nemo Airbeam Technology and can be inflated with the given gear pumps. But they are solid stuffs. There is no humidity inside even in damp weather. The vestibule is the place for you to sleep and take rest. There is sufficient place for 2 persons. You can even fit in a 3rd person if necessary. The ventilation system is perfect and once you are in the tent, you have all the comforts you need. The durability of the Morpho tents makes it so popular among trekkers and all other outdoor travelers.

Reviews of users:

Users speak highly of the Nemo Morpho tents. The company has maintained all standards of quality, style, durability and security. Even if there are hail storms or terrific downpours outside, you are sure to be safe and cozy inside your tents. Because it is air-filled some may think about he tents being punctured. But there are no such botherations if you are using Nemo Morpho tents. The entire tent comes with a repair kit for emergency purposes. So just relax and enjoy your adventure.

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