Nemo Losi Tents

Among the various kinds of tents available in the market, by far the most popular among them is the Losi Tent from Nemo. The aim of the company is to offer its adventure loving customers with the best kinds of tents and backpacks that would give them comfortable accommodation as well as security while they are on outdoor adventure.

Some details about the Nemo Losi Tents:

It is the first kind of tent that accommodates 2 persons at a time. It uses 4 distinct poles wherein 2 of the poles are fitted along the upper sides of the tents. Although at the start you may find it a bit difficult to put it up, a little practice once or twice before venturing out will make you a master in handling the Nemo Losi Tents .One significant feature of the tent is the steep interior walls that create sufficient room inside and the ventilation system. The vents are well protected from the rains so that the room remains airy even during heavy showers. When the weather is clear you can pull the fly and look out through the full mesh-body Losi Nemo tent and enjoy the starry sky and the cool breeze.


Various Kinds of Nemo Losi Tents:

Nemo Losi 2P is one of its kinds that have very light weight and there is enough room for 2 persons. If you have another person who is equally adventurous as you are then this is the perfect tent for your outdoor stay. You will not have to stick to each other and can rest comfortably inside.

If you need even more extra space you can get the Nemo Losi 3P tents. It is only a pound heavier than the 2P Losi tent but the area inside is about 50sq. ft. more than that of the Nemo Losi 2. The poles are well designed that adds extra strength and the vertical position enables the user to sit up straight while in bed. It has new features as the Light Pocket and Gear Caddy that gives room for storage of necessities and toys as well. The floor lining can be of Paw Print which is very soft and can be washed in a machine. The Nemo Losi 3P gives you the maximum space and comfort.

The Nemo Losi Storm 2 P is made from fabrics that are wind resistant and not mesh. It is 3 inches shorter in size than its original part. This helps to reduce wind profile and thereby increase its strength to fight against extreme weathers.  It has a rips top canopy of nylon that keeps away the chilly winds and fitted with a tarp shelter or sunshade and it is also waterproof.  The entire system can be rolled up in a pack which makes it easy to carry.

All of these Nemo Losi Tents look very stylish and easy to handle. There is enough space for all and well ventilated too. They are light in weight and easy to carry by all enthusiastic people. So get one of these Nemo Losi tents and get going for adventure.

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