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Seeking adventure amidst the hectic daily life is human nature. However, for that you do not have to travel far and wide to enjoy your self. But what you need is a perfect tent to put up that will give you shelter and security. And this is what Nemo Asahi Tents offer us.

About the Company:

The company Nemo was incorporated as a company in 2002 to provide high quality outdoor adventure equipments that included Nemo tents. The products were very well accepted at the onset and from that time till date there is no looking back. It has spread out its product range from mountaineering and adventure racing to backpacking also.

Description of the Nemo Tents:

Nemo Asahi tents is the first generation poled tent that can withstand extreme conditions in all countries. These tents can be assembled very easily and within a few minutes you will have a spacious tent ready that will give you and all inside the tent great protect from the roughest of situations. If you have one of these tents with you, you can go anywhere for adventure from high mountains to the deep forests. TheNemo Asahi Tents are made of the best quality materials to ensure style, comfort and protection to it’s’ users. They have a straightforward setup, symmetrical design that has aluminum poles, stakes, sack to roll up, and many pockets and a repairing kit for your convenience.

Specialty of Nemo Asahi 4 person Tents:

The Nemo Asahi 4 person Tent is a spacious tent that you can pitch up easily for two persons. It is quite roomy even for a trip for groups. It can be doubled for car shelter also like a family tent. This specialty of the tent lies in the combination of the Losi series configuration of highly efficient poles that has been expanded into a larger designed tent for 4 persons. It has a symmetrical design with an easy to set-up system. It has the following important features that make it an outstanding material for adventure.


  1. Pole Sleeves. 2. Jake’s feet which are the socket and ball attachments used for the ends of the poles. 3. Four pockets in the interiors. 4. 4 Light Pockets. 5. Paw print. 6. A Gear Loft. 7. Optional Footprint. 8. The extra Garage Vestibule can also be added to get extra room for children’s toys or used as a porch where you can relax.

Aims of the company:

The company Nemo has high aims and is striving to give their best to adventure lovers. Their vision is to produce the finest quality products in outdoor adventure and recreation. They wish to inculcate in people the sense of gratitude and respect for Mother Nature and our planet. Creating a love for adventure and an urge to know the new is their mission. They desire to give all protection for such undaunted people who love life. So just get a Nemo Asahi 4 person Tent, pack up your belongings and run out of your busy life into the wilderness

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