The Hillary tent brand is named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb to the summit of Mt Everest, the world’s tallest peak. Until his death, Sir Hillary had been Sears’ camping equipment advisor for 40 years and it has been claimed he has gone on dozens of camping trips to test the gear which carries his name.

Hillary Tent

Although there have been numerous complaints regarding the equipment, many swear by it as a reliable and affordable option. And if you are not serious about camping and you’re looking for a cheap tent to pitch occasionally in fine conditions, Hillary tents could be a more than passable option.

The Hillary tent label manufactured by three different tent companies and sold by Sears department stores. Options range from backpacking dome tents to large-scale family dome tents with covered picnic flies. The brand also includes accessories such as Tarpaulins. Almost all of the tents come with a rainfly and according to Sears, are very easy and simple to assemble.

Some campers on occasion have reported problems with tent poles snapping easily and awnings being incorrectly sized for the rest of the tent. However a good tip would be to seal all the tent seams before using it in wet conditions. Some campers have also had difficulties with finding out who to go to when things go wrong with their tent. Hillary tents are made for Sears by three different manufacturers so contacting Sears is the best option here.

In terms of overall value compared to other tent brands, the Hillary tent is on the lower end of the scale especially for very serious and dedicated campers. However, if you are an occasional camper (in fair to nice spring or summer weather) or its kids’ night in the back yard, then this tent line may be just the thing for your pocketbook.