Hillary Tent Set Up

Hillary Tent Set Up

Built with the mindset of durability for the camper on a budget, the popular Hillary tent brand has flourished throughout the years.  If you are a novice camper or even an experienced hardcore camper the Hillary tent is more than adequate for your camping adventures.  Speaking  mainly to the novice campers who’s experience is subpar and may need a little help getting starting in the camping world, here are a few instructions on Hillary tent set up.

First off, you want to find a dry, level area for your Hillary tent set up.  You want your campground to be an open area as free of dry shrubs and debris as possible as to not accidentally create forest fires. You would want enough room to be able to relax in your area almost like an outdoor living room.  Once you have found your camping area, where you would like to set up shop, you want to lay down a type of covering to act as your tent’s carpeting.  This can be a tarp, a large piece of carpet or anything that gets in between your tent and the ground below.

Now it’s time for your actual Hillary tent set up.  Start by extracting all materials from your tents bage and putting them in order and taking note of all your materials.  Next, slide a steak into each loop at the corners and each loop at the sides and using your foot or a heavy object drive them into the ground.  You may notice that there are two long, flexible poles and two shorter ones (maybe more depending on your tents model and size).  The two long poles go diagonally, stretching from corner to corner, while the two shorter ones go strait across the center.  Each pole should tunnel through loops in the top of the tent and cross in the center top of the tent creating a “teepee” effect

Your Hillary tent is now set up and ready to go.  For added comfort you can also install a canopy for extra shade or to lower the temperature a few degrees for added relaxation.  Also note that when creating a campfire, large rocks should be used to surround the fire.  Safety being the number one reason as to not accidentally start a forest fire like previously mentioned.  Lastly with the Hillary tent setup, you want to make sure, before you use your tent, that the steaks and poles are well secured.  Hillary tent products are designed to stand up to even the toughest conditions but human error can find fault where no fault is visible, so make sure to secure your tent and campground before actually using them.

So now your Hillary tent set up is ready and your campground is secure so you’re ready to camp.  I hope the instructions given were detailed enough for you to have a great camping experience weather your camping with friend or camping with kids.  Overall weather the camping adventure is good or bad, camping as a whole can be a great bonding experience for all.

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