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Hillary tent prices are relatively inexpensive compared to most brands.  They are designed for the budget minded

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camper.  Even with the inexpensiveness of Hillary tent prices, they are still relied upon by even the most experienced camper for their durability, comfort and safety.

Let’s start with prices on tents for kids.  The lowest priced tent would be the 2 person Hillary Sherpa tent, which you can purchase for around $20.  The most expensive 2 person tent is around $300.  The difference in price does not constitute a difference in quality.  What that means is Hillary tent prices are not a direct reflection of Hillary tent quality.  Each tent is made to stand up to even the roughest and most rugged environments.  The higher the price usually means there are added features to add to the camping experience.

Now, as for the adult camper, Hillary tent prices get slightly more expensive as adults need upgrades features and added size.  The least expensive Hillary tent would cost around $25.  Once again, the added size needed for adults.  The most expensive could cost upwards of $500. A Hillary tent of that magnitude comes with all the bells and whistles.  Imagine the BMW, Mercedes Benz or Lexus of tents.  As with the kids tent, in the adult tents price does not constitute the level of safety or durability.  The price also does not constitute a lack in quality.

For the families that like to camp together Hillary has tents for them too.  Here’s where it becomes a little tricky as the Hillary tent prices vary in direct relation to the size of the family.  For instance a 4 person family tent can range from $90 to around $200-$300.  Whereas a 5 or 6 person Hillary tent can have a price range of $150 to over $1000.  It really depends on the type of tent your family is comfortable with and the features you would like.  Hillary also ventures into the world of family cabin tents.  Family cabin tents are just that a cabin, they have 2-4 rooms to add privacy, size and overall quality.  The price for Family Cabin tents can range from $400-$500 all the up to over $2000.

Hillary tent prices can vary depending on if a particular tent is on sale and also the location in which the tent was bought.  Just like with anything else, Hillary tent prices are always subject to change.  It is not for seen whether or not the Hillary brand will always be the least expensive brand, but the Hillary brand will always put quality, durability and safety first, followed by comfort and special features.  Hillary tent prices are designed to not break your pocket in order to have a great time with family and friends.  Hillary is a great brand to look to when planning a camping trip.

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