Hillary Tent Poles and Replacement Parts

Patience and Persistence Pays Off

Where do I get Hillary Tent Poles? That’s the Question.

Finding Hillary Tent Poles or Hillary Tent Replacement Parts doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take some patience. People enjoy camping with the best camping gear. And Hillary Poles are ideal for this purpose. If you really want to buy these tent poles, you should know that it does carry some negative reviews however; they are affordable and can be used for light outdoor camping on fine days.

You can find plenty of camping gear in the market varying in shapes and sizes, design and cost. But the best will be the lightweight and affordable gear with replaceable tent poles. Hillary Tent Poles fits in to this category. Out of the many brands in the market such as Ozark, Trail, Eureka and many more, Hillary tents are listed as some of the best. So, finding these tent poles are not a tough task, but you will need to look around.

The easiest way to find a Hillary Tent Pole is to browse the internet. You can find all kinds of tents, new or used, or even in a discounted rate also. Hundreds and thousands of websites are on the web selling this pole. Make a good choice by deciding on the quality and price differences on the same product that are offered by the different websites.

If you do not believe in the images displayed in the websites or not satisfied with their service type, even then also you don’t need to feel lost. Still lot of stores and outlets are there and chances are there that you can find one nearest to your home. The big box Wal Mart which has its retail outlets everywhere including places in Canada and the UK, Phoenix, Northwest Territory, New York Washington DC, Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose, Philadelphia, Boston has deals with camping gears including Hillary Tent Poles. When you dropped in to any of the Wal Mart outlets nearby, you will be able to get Hillary tents for sure. Almost all the camping gears are sold in these stores.

The perfect place where you can find Hillary Tent Poles is Sears departmental stores. They are the main dealer of this product. Dealing with different types of tents from Hillary tents, they also included accessories like Tarpaulins too. Sears offers the best tents from Hillary that comes with a rainfly which are easy and simple to assemble.

To sum up, if you are really interested in buying one of the Hillary Tent Poles; either try browsing internet for websites that sale these products or the famous Wal Mart that has chain outlets across the world. But visiting Sears will be the best decision as it owns the product. Visit www.sears.com.

How do I replace my Hillary Poles?

When your tent faces problems like snapping and worn out conditions, you may still like to give it a new strength to hold the enjoyment of camping. Hillary replacement parts are available in the market to help you work out your replacement plan.

It may be difficult for you to find the perfect replacement parts for your tent or to find the exact person who can fit the tent. Sears is the best to get help from as they are the main dealers for Hillary Tent Poles. You can get tent manual from the manufacturers to help you replace the parts.

It is important to see if you really need to replace the pole or whether a simple repair will work for it. Based on your requirement the replacement process should be followed. You can get tent pole repair kits from Hillary tent Poles at Sears. By using this kit you can fix or replace your tent pole even though the particular tent pole replacement parts are not available to you for the time being.

The Coleman brand may be compatible with your poles. Coleman also has two different kits that are meant for repair and replacement separately. If you need only to repair the pole, then go for Coleman Tent Pole Repair Kit. This is specially designed to replace a damaged individual pole section within a fiberglass pole. Or if you need to replace the whole pole then go for Coleman Tent Pole Replacement Kit, designed for replacing a whole fiberglass pole. A complete manual is included to instruct you on ‘how to’ areas. Remember these kits are specially designed for Coleman products so you want to ask a knowledgeable store representative.

The best way to get the Hillary Tent Instructions and even some Hillary Pole Replacement Parts that we have found is here:http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/owner_manuals/search?query=tents

Get your perfect and reliable manual from the manufacturers of Hillary Tent Poles. You can directly contact the manufacturers to get a guide through the numbers provided in the Tent manual. Or you can try contacting the original dealer: Hillary by Sears, Tent Service Center 333 Yale Way, Fremont, CA 94538-6169, USA. You can call their support number (800) 353-9180 which is North Pole Ltd, who at one point was manufacturing Hillary Tents for Sear.

You need to know the diameter of your tent pole. If you don’t know the exact way to measure the diameter then you can check on the Coleman or Hillary Tent Pole guides. You may need to buy more than one kit if you are to replace the entire pole in your tent.

Decide on what you really want to do, a repair or a replacement and you can start on your process. Then realistically, take the broken pole into Sears and see if they can help you find a compatible replacement or direct you to the most appropriate information.

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