Hillary Dome Tents: The Background

The enjoyment of camping can be dictated in part by the type of tent you are using for the occasion. Your lively mood of camping may turn to a horrible nightmare if you have chosen the wrong tent. Hillary Dome Tents are lightweight and comes with easy to set up fiber glass poles. They are strong and sturdy and are good for light and moderate weather. The dome tents from Hillary Tents are able to withstand the fierce wind and cold as well. The height of the tent is perfect and comfortable such that you can easily stand inside the tent. Many campers have chosen these dome model tents due to their flexibility in its uses.

Hillary tents with dome shaped designs are free to stand upright. It is easy to assemble and in the snowy or rainy weather it does not allow the snow or water to stand on the tent, which is a very nice feature as water won’t accumulate. While compared to other styles like the tunnel shaped tents, domes are much better and stronger. A rectangular floor plan in some type of tents gives lesser space while dome tents provide plenty of space making the stay cozy. The tunnel tents take lesser time in assembling as they have fewer poles to support the tent. But considering the seasonal benefits, Hillary Dome Tents are four seasons of camping ease while the tunnel shaped tents are meant for only three-seasons. The typical designs of tents specially falls under these two categories.

Hillary-Dome-TentsHillary Tent is available in different shapes and sizes. And the accommodation depends on your choice as you can choose from these wide ranges of sizes and styles.  Both the two room Hillary Tents and tents meant for a whole family are at hand from Hillary tents. There are dome tents that can hold only two persons or three to four persons and some tents can hold even 6-7 persons. Some of the Hillary Dome Tents with such facility are Hillary Four Room Family Tent, Hillary 3-4 Person Dome Tent, Hillary Two Person Baja Hex Dome Tent, Hillary Three Person Dome Tent and other dome tents that can easily fit 4 people.

What about the Price of Hillary Dome Tents?

When it comes to price, dome tents are cheaper than tunnel or cabin model tents. For extra rooms you can use additional poles to support it. But cabin style gives more living room than dome tents. You can always try something different but Hillary dome tents are true to its beauty and durability. The different dome models from Hillary Dome Tent provide you a wide variety of choices for very low expense, especially when you calculate it on a per person basis.

The main problem faced by the users of these tents such as leaking problem around the seams, doors, windows and fabric that does not have waterproof protection in the rain can be reduced  if proper care is taken by sealing the areas before using it. Hillary Tent is perfect for fine weathers and is quite comfortable. For any problem regarding replacement or servicing, the manufacturers are ready to help you around the clock.

Hillary tent owns a lot of different models under outdoor camping tents. Hillary 7 person Sequoia 3 Room Dome Tent is the one perfect for the whole family and also fits the whole stuff inside it. Hillary Montana 8-person Dome Tent is another good choice for campers. Hillary 3-4 person Durango 2Room Hex Tent is lightweight featuring three doors and two side lockers that make it quite comfortable for exit and entry. Hillary three rooms Dome Tent for -7 people comes with mesh roof. It can be easily set up and is made out of high quality pretreated fabric. Hillary/MD 8’x 7’ Dome Tent, Hillary Summit (TM/MC) 12’ x 11’ Family Cabin Dome Tent and Hillary Summit (TM/MC) 22 ½’ x 19 ½’ Cabin Dome Family Tent are also popular among others.

Sir Edmund Hillary, who climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, was at one point the camping advisor to Sears. The Tents have been claimed to be tested by Sir Hillary himself when camping in some of the best and worst conditions. The ranges of Hillary Tents include the dome type, family dome, cabin styles, screen house and other accessories like tarpaulins.  The prices of these tents are reasonable and affordable.

The various Hillary Tents mentioned above are available in the market and for more information you can visit sears website as they are the main dealer of Hillary Tents. The most popular from Hillary Tent is the Dome Tent designs. As a summary, Hillary Dome Tents use light-weight aluminum or fiber glass poles, which is very handy to many campers. They are easy to store and packing and unpacking gives very little hassle.

The single and family dome tents from Hillary tents are easy to assemble. Some like the Flexi Dome take hardly 30 seconds to make it stand perfectly. Bottom line: Good value, great price.

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