Greatland Outdoors Tent Instructions

Here is a set of general Greatland Outdoors Tent Instructions for setting up your outdoor tent.

Fire Safety First:  Remember to keep your Greatland tents away from continuous heat and fire sources.

Check package contents and included materials:

It is always good to verify the package contents of your Greatland outdoor tent gear before leaving for your outdoor trip.

Have a practice set-up at home:

If it’s your first time to set up your outdoor Greatland tent gear, it’s better to have a dry practice in your home or yard to save you from unnecessary mistakes on the site of your camping trip.

Greatland Outdoors Tent Instructions


Verify weather capabilities of your Greatland tent:

DO: carefully check your product manual that comes with a Greatland tent kit if it is capable or made for waterproof use, can withstand continuous downpour of rain and snow, and intense or rough weather.

Installation and set-up according to one product manual of a Greatland tent (Two Room Dome Tent with Screen, Model # TGT-1615):

*This recreational product requires two people to assemble

Step One: Install the Main Tent Poles

a. Select a smooth and level site, away from dangerous continuous fire or heat exposure to prevent it from flaming up.   As much as possible avoid sloping grounds as the site of your tent (hills, indentations, and valleys) so that your sleeping accommodation won’t run straight on the rain’s downward path in case of heavy downpour of rain.

b. Extend main tent poles and place in position ready for installation.

c. Take a pole and slide it through one of the center sleeves, inserting the end into an opening on the 3-way center hub where the poles will cross each other.

Repeat this process for each remaining poles.

d. Now gently flex poles into an arch and secure opposite ends onto pin-rings at base of tent.

e. Snap the Quick Clips attached to the tent body over each tent pole to shape the tent.


Step Two: Install the Side and Front Screen Tent Poles

a. Extend side and front screen poles and place them in position ready for installation.

b. Slide side poles through slide pole sleeves, and secure ends onto pin-rings at base of tent.

c. Slide front screen room pole through front pole sleeves and secure ends onto pin-rigs at base of tent.

d. Attach Quick Clips to corresponding poles.


Step Three: Stake the Tent

Secure tent by driving stakes through pinrings and webbing loops located at base of tent.


Step Four:  Attaching the Rainfly

a. Drape rainfly over tent.

b. Connect each hook (s or j hooks) to corresponding pin rings or fabric loops.

c. Secure rainfly to tent by wrapping nylon fasteners, located on underside of fly, around each pole.


Step Five: Installing the Gear Loft

If your Greatland tent is equipped with a storage pocket or gear loft, now is the time to install this part by simply fastening the s-hooks located on corners of gear loft to corresponding number of fabric loops sewn inside ceiling of tent body.


Step Six: Installing the Divider Curtain

The curtain has toggles on the edges with which you can attach to fabric loops inside the tent.  Simply push each toggle through its corresponding loop.


Step Seven: Secure the Guy Lines

Locate the guy line plastic slider and look for the portion of line opposite the knot.   Pull this portion, forming a loop (this one should work just like a slip knot).  Extend guy line to ground and drive a stake through this loop to hold guy line taut.  You can always slide the plastic slider towards the product’s frame to readjust tension.  Repeat for remaining guy lines.

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