Finding Replacement Parts for Greatland Tents

If you are the owner of Greatland tents and want replacement parts either because you lost some parts or want to make it last as long as possible, you will naturally need to order tent parts for repair, replacement, or maintenance.

Reasons For Replacing Your Greatland Tent Parts and Accessories

An astute customer who is mindful of saving those extra pennies and dollars would opt for replacing the parts of their tents that would have cost them a couple of hundred of dollars or more, brand new instead of purchasing a whole new set of camping tent gear all over again.   Camping outdoors by nature causes the necessary wear and tear to your Greatland tents, if a part went missing or is broken it doesn’t mean you would need to buy another one.

Or perhaps you just saw a second-hand tent on garage sales with a couple of missing parts and you are now looking for the necessary parts to use your Greatland tent.


How To Locate Replacement Parts for Greatland Tents

Greatland tents are made by Northpole Ltd., and their website offers a comprehensive manual to check the necessary parts you need to buy.  Here is an example of one such product manual, this one is the GREATLAND HEX DOME TENT Model # TGT-9748.  Say you are looking to buy a complete set of stakes to replace, then you have to check the product manual that comes with your purchase of this product.

Name/ Description                                                                      Part Number                 QTY

Pole Set of all four Fiberglass, shock-corded poles-black       PSET-BK1

The reason for the format description of the product parts above is to make your contact with Northpole’s customer service less stressful since Northpole is one of the biggest manufacturer of tents around the world and having no idea what your tent model number or code will prove to be a hassle for you.

Now here are the TOLL FREE numbers to call:

800-775-1965 or 800-366-1599

Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time)

If you happen to lose your product manual, then visit this link to download your Greatland tent manual:

You can e-mail Northpole directly and ask for a copy of your product manual at:

What If You Can’t Find The Model Number Of Your Greatland Tent?

What can you do if you have no idea about the specific model number of your Greatland tent?  Look closely at the inside your tent, attached to a pocket, on a label inside carry bag or underside of fabric cover, and lastly, on the parts page in your original owner manual.

Second Hand Parts of Greatland Tents:

Searching for refurbished or second hand parts instead of buying them brand-new might save you even more dollars.   A great place to look for is by posting flyers or relying through word of mouth at local camping clubs.   Greatland tents are quite popular and chances are someone is willing to sell his unused tent’s parts.  Classified ads are also great places to look into.

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