Coleman tent trailers: Mobile homes for adventurers


The mobile home:

Coleman tent trailers are the greatest thing to enjoy outdoor stays. Tent trailers are also known as recreational vehicles and pop ups, but if you are an adventurer who likes to break free from monotonous life at home and enjoy some time under the open sky, you will love to call it a mobile home. That’s what a tent trailer is. It is a vehicle as it stands on wheels and can be carried simply by hooking with the car and it is recreational as it offers the scope to create a home like atmosphere miles away from home and includes everything that a person needs at home. It is pop up because everything inside it remains in a folded form and start popping up according to your wish after you set it up. Spending nights inside a tent is exciting but doing that inside a tent trailer is amazing. People spend lots of dollars for rooms and luxurious amenities at hotels but if you have one such trailer in possession, can enjoy them all without even touching their wallet.

Life inside a Coleman tent trailer:

Just imagine you are standing on a land where there is no sign of life within miles. How will it be to cook and have some mouthwatering dishes with some chilled bear? Seems impossible? Yes, it is so inside a tent but not inside Coleman tent trailers. These are mobile homes in reality where you can set up or pop up your kitchen and can use a refrigerator. There is a heavy battery pack to provide sufficient power supply. You can even set up your temporary bathroom. Thinking about shower? Not a problem at all. The trailers are equipped with outside shower that you can make use of. To get rid of cold you can make use of the heater attached with the trailer.

Comfort and entertainment:

When it comes to comfort people think about luxurious beddings inside rooms of deluxe hotels. The beds that Coleman tent trailers provide are equipped with superior quality mattresses that ensure sound sleep for the campers. For entertainment there is a port through which you can insert the jack of your satellite dish and connect it with your TV.  Feel uneasy sleeping in complete darkness? Just switch on the lights attached with the roof and relax. The light is soothing enough but if you feel like reading a book, you can increase the power to make it brighter.

Other than these, Coleman tent trailers offer excellent drainage facility. You can drain out dirt from your kitchen and bathroom through a thick pipe which is connected with both sections and passes underneath the floor of the trailer.


Coleman tent trailers are available in two sizes. The small trailer can accommodate three persons and the large can accommodate four. The trailers are costly but if you have one you can save hundreds of dollars that others spend for hotel rooms.

Other facilities that you get inside Coleman tent trailers are :

Water pump

Water storage containers

Storage cabinets

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