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Athena - Great American Backyard Campout

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Camping with kids can be a fun family outing, but, it does take some preparation and know-how.  Plus the wilderness can be challengeing.  Don’t let that ruin your family camping experience.  So for the parents who would love to go camping with their kids but not in the wilderness, here’s a helpful idea.

Camping With Kids For The Great American Backyard Campout

Start small. A night in your backyard can be just as fun and takes some of the uncertainty away for parents and kids alike. So pitch a tent or just roll out the sleeping bags and enjoy a night in the great outdoors! Spend tonight under the stars with your children for the Great American Backyard Campout!

The National Wildlife Federation has some great ideas for games, crafts, and stargazing activities. You know your child best. Will he feel at home exploring and digging in dirt or does he need to bring a book or deck of cards? Will your daughter spend all her time running or will she need something to color on and with? Think ahead, but leave lots of opportunity for great exploration as a family, i.e. leave the electronics in the house!

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So camping with your kids doesn’t mean having to go to the wilderness.  You can have the same experience right in the comfort of your own backyard.  Make sure however it is a true camping experience, meaning no sneaking into the house for civil luxuries.

Tonight Is The Great American Backyard Campout

Kick Off Your Summer With The Great American Backyard Campout

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