7 Tips to Having An Enjoyable Camping Experience With Your Kids

Camping with your kids can be one of the most fun and enjoyable family outings.  Understandably the thought of taking kids camping can pose some unforeseen challenges and cause concerns for safety. There is however a few ideas and guildlines parents could keep in mind, not only for the safety of the children but the safety of the environment as well.

Expert Tips For Camping With Kids


Plan. Before kids, my husband and I were spur-of-the-moment campers. We could decide to go camping at 5 p.m. on a Friday evening, grab our gear, and be out the door in a jiffy. Even if we set up camp in the dark, we still enjoyed the adventure. But camping with kids just isn’t meant to be a spontaneous adventure. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a campground late in the evening with a car-full of excited kids and back country gear only to find there are no spots left to camp. Plan ahead when camping with kids to ensure a smoother trip for everyone.
Research. After you’ve planned when and where you’re going to camp, spend time researching the area and alternative plans in the event of bad weather. One day of playing cards in the tent is doable, but by day three, you’re going to need to find something else to do!
Stay positive. The best way to get kids excited about camping is to show them how excited you are yourself. Even if you’re nervous about how the kids will get along or whether or not your new tent will leak, keep your jitters to yourself and show your kids a positive and excited attitude about your trip.
Make a list. Even if you’ve taken a thousand family vacations together, it pays to make a list when packing for your family camping trip. If you forget your towel on a beach trip, chances are you’ll be able to pick one up easily. But if you forget your flashlights on a camping trip, it might just ruin the whole night. And let your kids pack their own clothes and gear, as long as you double check to make sure they have what they need. Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse let her daughter wear whatever she wanted when camping, adding “which meant my daughter hiked in a red and white tutu, lace socks, and white patent leather shoes. Really.”
Was that not good information on camping with your children?  Now parents can follow these simple ideas to insure an enjoyable and more importantly, safe camping trip with their children.  As you can see every focal point is based around fun and safety so by following these guidelines a camping trip with your kids will be both fun and safe.

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