5 Tips To Make It Through Your FIrst Time Camping With Kids

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Camping with kids can be an overwhelming task if it’s your first time.  The concerns for safety, fun, preparation, etc all can add plenty of unwanted stress.  Here are some tips to consider when planning out your first time camping with kids.

First Time Camping With Kids? 5 Tips

  • Stay local:  Road trips are always a little stressful when traveling with little kids, so why not keep the “road trip” out of that first camping experience?  I recommend finding a campground within an hour drive from your home.  And make reservations, if possible, so there’s no reason to stress about getting to the campground early enough to secure a site.  Or worse, getting there and finding there are no spots available at all.  Well, guess that wouldn’t be a crisis, as you’d get to enjoy a day trip to somewhere beautiful and have a short drive home!
  • Keep it short:  Make your first camping trip a simple one night adventure.  It’ll give you an idea of what future, longer trips will be like, and also give you a (relatively) painless way to learn from the experience.  You’ll find out if your tent is large enough for your family,  if your sleeping pads are comfortable, and if your sleeping bags will keep you warm enough.  You’ll also learn never to go camping without the mosquito repellent or the sunscreen, two things that you can survive one night without, but not two!
  • Make mealtime easy:  I know for many, the cooking over the campfire or on the Coleman is what makes camping fun.  But here’s a radical idea… why not skip cooking altogether?  If you’re heading out for a simple, overnight trip, it’s super easy to either pack food that you prepared at home, pick up some take-out from the market on the way out, or bring items that can simply be cup up and served.  Think pasta salad, a fresh-tossed vegetable salad, a vegetable platter with hummus dip, a fruit salad or cut fruit, a cheese with french bread, or sandwiches.  For breakfast, consider bagels and cream cheese, cereal, or fruit and yogurt.  Ensure the food you take stays fresh and safe by packing everything in a large cooler full of ice.  Of course, if you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you’re going to need to haul the Coleman out to at least boil water!

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Feel a little more comfortable about your first time camping with kids?  Using these tips while out camping with kids or while planning the camping experience should make the first time flow smoothly.  Have fun on your trip.

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