5 Must Have Apps For Camping

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Apps for camping have completely revolutionized the camping experience.  Anything from using a cell phone to keep mosquitoes away to star gazing on a 3-5″ screen, then looking for the constellations yourself.  Apps for camping is a great way to heighten the camping adventure, so we have listed the top 5 Apps.

Top 5 Apps For Camping

Star Walk — 5 Stars Astronomy Guide
$2.99, from Vito Technology Inc.
This app shows why mobile devices are a whole new communications medium, rather than just a small version of the internet. Fire up Star Walk, point it at the starry sky, and get an info overlay that tells you what planets and constellations you’re seeing. Pinch-zoom with your fingers for more deets. Or search for a celestial body—try ISS, the international space station—and the app will point an arrow to let you know where it is right now. Turns camping into a chance to watch god’s TV.

$1.99, by John Sherry
A knot is a form of ancient technology that’s still useful today. Especially if today you’re stranded on the banks of a remote river, all your gear and food swept away by the current, with only a fishing hook and a ball of twine to provide food and shelter until the search party finds you. (Note: If that’s your expected usage scenario, study with Pro-Knot before you go, working through the 70 knots using the illustrated step-by-step instructions until you’ve earned your Knotty Camper merit badge.)

$9.99, from Groundspeak Inc.
A ridiculously easy way to join the global orienteering-for-pirates phenomenon, Geocaching turns any walk in the woods into an adventure. Do a search, and the app will list the 20 nearest geochaches (small-scale treasures and puzzles which other geocachers have hidden); choose one, and follow the compass and distance meter to the target. Click in the app if you need a hint, then log your discovery and set off on the next hunt

….More at Top 5 apps for camping | Hot Summer Guide | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pirating, knot making, astrology, apps for Camping allows you to experience camping like never before.  First a compass was the most need accessory for camping, now some could argue its a cell phone all because of the apps for camping.

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