10 Great Tips For Camping With Kids

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Camping with your kids can be just as enjoyable as any other family activity and just as safe.  Any parent will tell you, kids are a blessing and when you have kids that does not mean you adventures have to come to a halt.  So here are a few tips on how to go camping with your kids.

Top 10 Tips For Camping With Kids

1.  Do a practice run
A child’s first camping trip (or an adult’s first camping trip with kids) is an exciting, nervous and sometimes overwhelming thing.  Don’t drive for hours to find just out that your little one has a hard time sleeping in a tent and is up all night.  Do a few practice runs in the backyard (or a close KOA) so that your kids know a little of what to expect.  Not only will this make them more comfortable, it will give you a heads up on what to plan for

2.  Keep it simple
Don’t over schedule your trip.  Planning one or two things a day will usually suffice.  Trying to do too much can easily overwhelm everyone.

3.  Just let them play
Remember that this is camping after all.  Plan lots of downtime in your day so that your kids can just enjoy being outside.  We find that when we’re camping our kids require very few things to make them happy.  Usually rocks, sticks and dirt suffice and if there’s water, they’d be happy for weeks!  A few toys that are great to have in the camping arsenal are buckets, shovels, Frisbees, and balls.

4.  Don’t stress
Camping with kids almost never goes exactly as planned – relax.  Remember that most of this is new to them and they’re discovering new things all around them.  Go with it.  Remember, your attitude will rub off on your kids and if you’re excited about it, they will be too.

5.  Keep them warm
Even though it might be the middle of summer, you need to plan on packing warm clothes.  We always bring hats, jackets, and warm PJ’s, and raingear for everyone.  Trust me, no kid’s going to enjoy camping if they’re freezing (meaning you probably won’t enjoy it either)

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Following these simple tips for camping with your kids can help to keep the experience safe, fun and even relaxing.  With safety being the number 1 priority of course and fun being the second priority, these tips really hit the nail on the head.  So remember these tips next time your out camping with your kids.


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